MPC Evening with Industry: Highlights

In the fall and winter terms, students of the MPC program uphold the biannual tradition of hosting an evening of discussion with experienced communication specialists.

By: Danielle Taylor, MPC 2015

MPC news Evening with Industry 1

Industry insights on life after graduation

Part one of this year’s series was held on Monday, January 26. It offered a first-hand perspective about life after graduation. All panelists, the majority holding an MPC from Ryerson, are successfully pursuing a career in communications within a short time of completing their university degrees.

The intimate evening, entitled Industry Insights, allowed the panel to speak about their transition from student to professional. An eclectic mix of disciplines was included in the dialogue, with each participant bringing a unique point of view to the discussion on technology and communication.

Technological impacts

Amanda Lai, Social Media Specialist at Wattpad and MPC 2012 alumna, recalled her personal job pursuits before and after graduating. She stressed the importance of persistence in going after a dream job. She felt that technology afforded more avenues to reach potential employers.

Julia Kindellan, Marketing Manager at Vanguard Investments Canada, emphasized evolving vocabulary and the increasing pace at which business is operating. She felt these to be the most tangible technological impacts on both her industry and communications overall.

The value of networking

The value of maintaining connections was a recurring theme, as the entire panel was unanimous on the role of relationship building, no matter the medium.

MPC news Evening with Industry 2
Credit: Cedar Leithead, ProCom BA, 2nd year


MPC 2013 alumna Liane Coulahan, founder of Nordest Media Communications, described her post-grad experience with a non-profit organization as a “professional connector.” By applying the analytical and creative skills acquired through ProCom, she overcame situations that at the time appeared daunting.

MPC 2014 alumna Miri Makin, Manager of Student Relations and Development at FCAD, Ryerson University, gave testament to the power of networking and being open to new ideas and opportunities. As the manager of student interactions within the very faculty from which she graduated, she encouraged the current class not to concern themselves so much with titles.

She urged everyone to look beyond the label and seek out the chance to serve others, except when quoting one’s degree. “Never leave out the ‘professional’ in ‘Master of Professional Communication.’ You earned it!” She teased.

The 2015 MPC Evening with Industry Committee thanks everyone who was able to attend. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming and final session!