Professional Communication Alumni Association (PCAA)

The mission of the ProCom Alumni Association (PCAA) is to create a global community of alumni through opportunities that increase awareness, engagement, mentorship, stewardship, and professional development. We are dedicated to generating awareness and fostering a sense of community among all ProCom graduates. Our goals are (1) to connect and engage alumni by keeping them informed of updates from the community and the School of Professional Communication, (2) to identify and share opportunities for alumni to advance their skills and knowledge in the field of professional communication, and (3) to promote the dynamic network of ProCom alumni professionals. Beyond these goals, we believe investing in our community is paramount.

PCAA Newsletter

The ProCom Alumni Association (PCAA) Newsletter is a quarterly publication sent to alumni of the ProCom community. The newsletter aims to keep our alumni connected to one another and to the School of Professional Communication by sharing news and stories about our ProCom alumni community, the MPC program and ProCom department, and our communication industry.

We encourage active participation and engagement with the ProCom community through fascinating stories, alumni and faculty spotlights, important updates and announcements, and interactive polls and surveys.

If you’re interested in writing for the PCAA Newsletter please review the Writers’ Guidelines.

For all PCAA Newsletter inquiries, please contact Nicola Brown at nicola1.brown[at]ryerson.ca.

We’ve got job opportunities open!

The following roles are open:

Copyeditor & Proofreader
Graphic Designer
Sales & Marketing Coordinator