Write For the PCAA Newsletter

Writers’ Guidelines

Please send all pitches to Nicola Brown, Editor-in-chief, PCAA Newsletter, at nicola1.brown[at]ryerson.ca.

How to pitch a story

In your email, please include the following:

  1. Which issue you are pitching for (e.g. “March 2016” – see Deadlines below)
  2. What section you are pitching for (e.g. “MPC News” – see Newsletter Sections below)
  3. A one-sentence summary of your article idea
  4. How your article relates to the theme of the issue (see Upcoming Themes below)
  5. Why you are the right person to write the article – what unique perspective, insider knowledge, connections or references will you bring to the story?
  6. Whether or not you can provide photos/video to accompany the article (big asset if you can)


Publication Dates Story Pitch Deadlines Completed Story Deadlines
March 3 February 1 February 10
June 3 May 1 May 10
September 3 August 1 August 10
December 3 November 1 November 10

Newsletter Sections

  • Upcoming events (250 words; 3-5 events; 1 photo per event if possible)
  • Faculty Spotlight (500 words; 1 profile photo)
  • Alumni Spotlight (500 words; 1 profile photo)
  • MPC/PCAA/ProCom News (300 words; 1 photo minimum)
  • Features (500 words; 2 photos minimum)
  • Research Review (300 words; 3 research papers)
  • Interactive content (e.g. polls, surveys, etc.)
  • Special Content (announcements, call for submissions, etc.)
  • Other (if your pitch doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, please explain your idea)

Upcoming Themes

March 2016: Healthcare

June 2016: Cultural Differences