Upcoming Events – Spring 2018

by: Nicola Brown, MPC2014

Check out upcoming events, conferences, workshops and webinars in Canada from March 30 to June 30, 2018.

Seminars: Copywriting for Marketers, Project Management for Marketers, Effective Email Marketing, Financial Storytelling, Social Media Strategy and Best Practices (CMA)

When: April 9 – May 24, 2018
Where: The Advocates’ Society Education Centre, Suite 2700, 250 Yonge Street
Cost: Members $295 – $645; Non-members $395 – $845 per seminar
What: Offered throughout the year in half-day, one-day, two-day plus online formats. Participants will benefit from an interactive learning session, case study examples and invaluable take-home reference material. Join us and learn from marketing experts who offer relevant industry examples with the latest information and best practices. Work closely with fellow participants in group exercises used to illustrate concepts and encourage participation. For more information and to register for these seminars click here.

Social Mixer Series: Digital Mixer, Media Mixer (CMA)

When: Digital Mixer April 11, 2018, Media Mixer June 12, 2018
Where: TBA
Cost: Members $29; Non-members $49
What: Digital Mixer: The CMA’s Digital Mixer is in its third year, continuing to draw one of the largest crowds. Hosted by the CMA Digital Marketing Council, this event brings together the digital marketing community in a casual setting. Media Mixer: Mix and mingle with media decision makers of all levels. Designed to provide the media community with a fun summer social leading up to the hectic planning season, this event is expected to be a hot new summer experience. For more information click here.

Morning Event Series: CMApipecon, CMAcx, CMAdigital (CMA)

When: April 24 – June 6, 2018
Where: TBA
Cost: Members $89; Non-members $139
What: The CMA Morning Event Series provides strategic insights, thought leadership, networking and proven engagement opportunities for marketing professionals. Includes 3 hours of experiences, networking and continental breakfast! For more information click here.

2018 CPRS National Conference

When: May 27– 29, 2018
Where: Charlottetown, PEI
Cost: Individual events $80 – $150; Day rates $195 – $865; Full conference $1,595 – $1,995
What: This year’s Conference features: The who’s who of public relations and communication professionals from across the country gathering to discuss a wide range of topics inspired by our theme: Connexions. The chance to connect with influential CPRS members representing various sectors of the communications industry. Workshops, research presentations and panel discussions on emerging trends and research findings from leading Canadian experts. The opportunity to help influence and shape the future of Canadian public relations and communications. Sponsors and exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services to help you deliver results for clients / employees. A celebration of CPRS Major Award and National Awards of Excellence winners, as well, the newest members of the College of Fellows, APR recipients and successful PRK exam writers. The opportunity to experience Charlottetown, ‘the Birthplace of Confederation’, where hospitality and history combine for a uniquely Canadian experience. Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

2018 IABC World Conference

When: June 3 – 6, 2018
Where: Palais des congrès de Montréal
Cost: Members $500 – $1,715; Non-members $500 – $2,100
What: This year’s conference focuses on “The Communication Crossroads.” Over the course of four days, you and approximately 1,000 communicators from around the world will discover and explore: how communication drives business performance and innovation; the rise of transformative communication and collaboration; your role at the center of culture and ethics; your knowledge and confidence as a strategic adviser. Stay tuned to wc.iabc.com for announcements of new events, keynote speakers, session details and other news leading up to the conference. Click here for more info and to buy tickets.