Ryerson’s MPC Program is Top of Mind for Tomorrow’s Leading Communicators

Incoming MPC students share the personal journeys that lead them to the Professional Communication program, weigh in on how and why they chose Ryerson and the MPC, and reflect on what the world of professional communication looks like today.

Feature_Marc MucshlerMarc Muschler

On why and how he chose the MPC program: The MPC program appealed to me because it bridges the gap between classroom theory and practical, real-world experience in the communications industry. I discussed the prospect of graduate programs with several peers and colleagues in the communications field and Ryerson’s MPC program was repeatedly mentioned as one of the best options for someone interested in pursuing a career in corporate public relations and social media.

On how the MPC program is distinguished from others: There are many communications graduate programs in Canada but only Ryerson’s offers its students the ability to test out their skillset under the guidance of mentors and peers before entering the workforce. The work-study and internship components of the program are particularly appealing for me because they allow you to experience the industry in a city at the very centre of communications work in Canada.

On his personal journey and positive outlook: After graduating from Acadia University with a master’s degree in English, I was looking for an industry where I could make use of my critical thinking and writing abilities. The MPC program promotes the development and application of these skills for use in a growing and dynamic industry at an academic institution on the cutting edge of technological advancement and innovation. Ryerson is at the forefront of communications and public relations and produces professionals who are passionate and capable contributors in their respective fields of work.


Feature_Warsan AminWarsan Amin

On her personal journey: I graduated from Western University with a set of skills that I wanted to explore before plunging into my next academic endeavour. Having already learned web design, I took additional courses in SEO and digital marketing and freelanced for two years. Anyone who freelances in the online marketing field knows there’s a ton of competition out there, so if you’re going to set yourself apart from everyone else, you have to not only learn the how of a marketing strategy, but the why of online behaviour.

On her decision to pursue further education: I came to a point where a) I felt like I needed guidance in order to progress professionally and b) I had learned philosophical concepts during my undergraduate degree that I wanted to explore as an explanation for certain types of online behaviour. It sounded like it was time for me to go back to school, but I still needed to find the appropriate program to take.

On her strategy for honing in on the right program: I personally took to LinkedIn to research individuals in the field I was interested in, using keywords to find them and then looking at their academic history. That’s how I knew that I either needed to pursue a college diploma in marketing or a master’s degree in communication. It was through sheer luck that I found the “Hey Receiver” blog and found out about the MPC program. It aligned perfectly with the trajectory I wanted my career to take.


Feature_Anneliese SangharaAnneliese Sanghara

On her personal journey: Graduating from the University of Toronto with a bachelors degree in History and Political Science last June, I set off to explore my interests. Part determination and luck, I worked in artistic, creative, and innovative places with co-workers who inspired me to pursue my special ability to communicate. At Lizzy Lee & Me Salon I became engaged in communications and marketing initiatives. At the Robert Bateman Centre I assisted with public relations activities. From these experiences I learned that my personality, aptitude, and drive would make me successful in the communications field.

On important details that lead to her decision to choose the MPC: After consulting with professionals, I discovered that further education provided the best opportunities. When I read about the MPC program, I knew I had found the perfect synergy between my passion and their education. Several aspects compelled me to apply and to accept the offer. First, the master’s program had an in-depth research paper component. Second, it had very appealing courses built upon Ryerson’s strengths in design, technology, and media. Third, it provided the valuable opportunity to gain practical experience as a Graduate Assistant and through the internship.

On an opportunity a step above the rest: Although I was unaware of the program before my online research, I trusted in its excellence based on Ryerson’s strength in the field, the calibre of the faculty, and the success of alumni. Topping it off, the program’s location in Toronto as a centre for politics, business, and the arts appealed to me. I am confident that I will gain a strong foundation of theory, experience, and support to enter and to make contributions to the communications field. Excited for the rewarding year ahead!

Feature_Kimberly GosseKimberly Gosse

On the importance of communication: As a people person I thrive on interpersonal relationships and the value from engaging in meaningful discussion. I believe sharing information and knowledge with diverse individuals is crucial to success both professionally and personally. If you cannot communicate your needs and objectives in a way your audience understands, how can you effectively obtain your goal?

On the evolving world of higher education: For many young adults who comprise the infamous “millennial” generation, simply attending college or university is no longer enough to secure long-term employment. A master’s degree has transformed over time from an asset to a necessity in distinguishing yourself from the competition. I am confident the MPC program will provide me the edge and transferable skills I need to succeed in today’s evolving workforce.

On Ryerson’s reputation and distinctiveness: Ryerson’s renowned reputation within professional industries is compelling to say the least, with a dynamic faculty eager to share ideas and knowledge across diverse fields. The MPC program appears to have consistently created progressive critical thinkers capable of becoming international leaders. It was the internship component that enticed me the most: an opportunity to gain practical experience working alongside esteemed educators is paramount for my professional development. I look forward to collaborating with passionate individuals at the heart of public relations and communications in Canada.

On her personal journey and positive outlook: The B.Sc. in psychology I obtained from Dalhousie University is directly related to my career aspirations in public relations. On graduation, with only a backpack and an open mind I travelled to 17 countries over four years. It was a compelling and rewarding way to use my communication skills in a constantly changing environment. I’m confidant my personal skills and experience as a global citizen combined with the education and connections I’ll form at Ryerson will lead to a rewarding and successful career.