Ryerson’s Career Services Are Available to Alumni Up To 5 Years Post-Graduation

Ryerson career services

By Nicola Brown, MPC2014

One of the hardest transitions to make in life is from university to the working world. Even those of us who have made the leap once and have returned for a Master’s degree face the same leap again when we graduate.

Do we go back to an old job or workplace? Do we look for something new? Should we contemplate further preparation for our dream careers?

Unlike some of the legacy academic institutions in this country that do not see a huge obligation to support students beyond securing the last of their fees, Ryerson’s focus on getting its students employed is an extremely important step of the process.

What does Ryerson offer to those looking for a job?

Both the on-campus and off-campus employment programs are paid opportunities for students to explore work options ahead of graduation, and the off-campus program is even available to students up to one year after they graduate.

In recognition of a changing working landscape, Ryerson’s career website even has a tab with helpful resources related to self employment and entrepreneurship. If you are serious about starting your own business, Ryerson together with the Government of Ontario offers a program called Summer Company that runs from June until August, complete with funding and mentorship.

If you’re looking for some more tailored advice and assistance, Ryerson’s career services for alumni are available up to five years after graduation, so it’s never too late to take advantage of these resources. They include meeting with faculty-specific Career Education Specialists, career tutorials, LinkedIn and resume workshops and even free professional photo sessions. Yes, you read that right!

Ryerson’s ADaPT Program

Ryerson's ADaPT program

One of the most valuable programs I participated in following the MPC was Ryerson’s ADaPT program, which stands for Advanced Digital and Professional Training. The program is open to applications from current students in their final year of study and graduates within three years.

The program comprises core courses and advanced workshops totalling 50+ hours of advanced training. Participants gain in-depth knowledge across a wide range of very important professional skills, including: leadership, business financials, communication, digital literacy, and research.

It may sound like a big commitment but each module delivers worthwhile value; you can tailor the program to your individual needs, and there is an opportunity to participate in a 3-4 month paid internship following the program.

On the diversity of applicants accepted into the program Lee Chapman (MPC2014) says: “It was wonderful to meet others from different academic backgrounds. It was also great working on a common goal and being able to each bring different skills to the table.” Lee’s internship with the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation, at Ryerson is where she is still working today.

Larissa Fitzsimons (MPC2016) says: “ADaPT gave me the practical skills that allowed a comfortable transition from an academic to professional environment. While it was a fast track training program, it gave me the confidence to tell future employers that I am knowledgeable about platforms required for the job.”

So if you’re looking to find your dream job, want to update your skill sets, would like to make a career shift, or just need to update that headshot, it’s not too late!