MPC & PCAA News – Fall 2017

By Andreea Mihai, MPC2017

Congratulations to MPC Alumnae Winners of the G. Raymond Chang Outstanding Volunteer Awards!

Left to right: Nicola Brown, John Shiga, Abigail Gamble
Left to right: Nicola Brown, John Shiga, Abigail Gamble

Alumnae Abigail Gamble (MPC2011) and Nicola Brown (MPC2014) were awarded for their outstanding volunteer work with the PCAA.

Since 2011, Abigail has played a key role in directing and expanding the ProCom Alumni Association. She has been involved in the community building and governance work of the PCAA, including developing its constitution, planning industry and social events and managing financial resources. In 2016, Abigail was elected President of the PCAA and has organized a number of new initiatives designed to welcome graduates of ProCom’s BA program into the alumni community.

One of the great benefits of a Ryerson degree is the network you build throughout your time studying. I think it’s important to continue investing in that community after graduation as well. The more connected our alumni are, the more opportunity we all have to create valuable professional and personal relationships, as well as discover mentorship and partnership opportunities. — Abigail Gamble MPC2011

As the Editor-in-Chief for the PCAA newsletter, Nicola Brown has played a crucial role in its development. Nicola oversees the production of four themed issues annually and she coordinates a team of students and alumni who write stories on current issues in the communications industry.

I’ve been inspired to volunteer with the Ryerson community as a way to give back to a program that surpassed my high expectations in the amount of value it offered both personally and professionally. I think one of the most important things you can do as an alumnus is to stay connected to your community, so I’m eager to help support that connection through the PCAA newsletter. As a freelance writer and editor, volunteering has enabled me to explore and develop related skills that propel me forward in my own career. — Nicola Brown MPC2014

ProCom offers students and alumni multiple opportunities to get involved during their time in the program and after. ProCom alumni can volunteer with the PCAA, run for executive positions, attend PCAA hosted events and sign up for mentorship opportunities with ProCom Connect. To sign up for ProCom Connect email

MPC Launches ProCom Connect Mentoring Program

As of this fall, ProCom will be entering its eighth year. This milestone coincides with the launch of ProCom Connect, a mentorship program within the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson. The program seeks to provide students and alumni with the opportunity to connect, interact, collaborate and create meaningful relationships.

Mentors and mentees can fill out a survey, selecting their area(s) of expertise or interest, preferred location to meet and times that would work best for them. Participants are then matched based on their responses and ProCom Connect puts the mentor and mentee in touch.