MPC & PCAA News – Winter 2016

By Danielle Taylor, MPC2015

Welcoming the new PCAA Executive Committee

With all growth comes change, and the election of our new PCAA Executive Committee, held at the annual Fireside Chat event on April 14, 2016, was a natural progression in the development of our alumni community.

The next few years will mark a significant period of growth for both ProCom and the PCAA as we prepare to receive the first graduating class of the ProCom BA program.

In accordance with the Ryerson University Alumni Association (RUAA) and Alumni Relations policy and procedures, students and alumni members of the PCAA nominated colleagues and peers with demonstrated leadership skills and the vision to take our organization into the future.

The votes have been tallied and we are pleased to introduce your new PCAA Executive Committee:

Elected Members

  • President Abigail Gamble (MPC 2011)
  • Vice-President Jacky Au Duong (MPC 2014)
  • Vice-President of Alumni Engagement Jelena Djurkic (MPC 2013)
  • Vice-President of Finance Marc Muschler (MPC 2016)

Appointed Members

  • ProCom Alumni Liaison Danielle Taylor (MPC 2015)
  • MPC Intern Vivi Tsoulakas (MPC 2017)
  • MPC Rep Vanessa To (MPC 2017)
  • ProCom BA Rep Ilana Enoukov (MPC 2017)

The PCAA would also like to introduce Professor Matthew Tiessen as the newly appointed PCAA Faculty Advisor. A recent recipient of an SSHRC Research Development Grant in the area of Digital Economy, Dr. Tiessen specializes in digital and visual communication and culture.

Having taught the MPC course titled PC8006: Advanced Editing and Document Design for three consecutive years, Dr. Tiessen brings with him a wealth of knowledge and rapport with past MPC cohorts.

Congratulations and welcome to all new members!

ProCom BA Undergraduate Class of 2017
ProCom BA Undergraduate Class of 2017

ProCom BA designated as an Honours degree

Over the past academic year, ProCom has been petitioning for the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication to be designated as an Honours degree. This motion was passed at the recent meeting of the Ryerson University Senate Office and Standing Committees last month.

The majority of post-secondary institutions today recognize four-year undergraduate programs in communication-related studies as Honours degrees. This is because specialized areas of study such as communication often entail a more rigorous curriculum and a more advanced level of research, analysis, and application than a three-year bachelor’s degree.

ProCom BA students will now graduate with a competitive edge when applying to prospective employers or potential post-graduate programs. This new Honours designation will prove to be of exceptional value to the unique and rapidly evolving industry of professional communication!