MPC Industry Insights: Event Highlights

Evening with Industry 2 - Left to right - Danielle Taylor, Matt DiPaola, Dorien Bouma, Sari Delmar, Lauren Ostfield, Shawn Rusich

Graduate students from all FCAD disciplines were invited to attend the second edition of Industry Insights, an evening with a panel of industry professionals hosted by MPC students on March 30, 2015.

By: Danielle Taylor, MPC 2015

The discussion provided perspectives from professionals with over ten years’ experience in their fields. With roles ranging from CEO to Director of HR, each guest was able to weigh in on what truly makes a successful communication professional.

Shawn Rusich, CEO and founder of Butter PR, stressed the importance of detail. Proper spelling and fact checking may seem like minor concerns, but they have a major impact on future consideration by employers.

Laurel Ostfield, Communications Director at Capital One, discussed globalization and the changing face of banking today. She reminded the audience that learning doesn’t end in the classroom and that a thirst for knowledge will always be rewarded.

Dorien Bouma, Director of Human Resources & Operations at Sid Lee PR, shared her international experience. She advised that it’s what recruiters don’t see on a résumé that’s most intriguing. She noted that the gaps between jobs and degrees bring character to a candidate’s résumé: “That’s what I want to hear about…how your time was spent and what was gained from the experience.”

Evening with Industry 1 - Left to right - Danielle Taylor, Matt DiPaola, Dorien Bouma, Sari Delmar

Both Sari Delmar, CEO and founder of AB Co, and Matt DiPaola, Managing Director of Digital Innovation at Sid Lee PR, offered similar advice: Be nice and have courage. They accredit success to persistence and to creating a vision that can be fulfilled without relying on the disadvantage of others.

In today’s global village, one never knows how far a simple smile or thoughtful word can go. In the spirit of transcending the border between the classroom and corporate office, the evening afforded invaluable insights that equipped the outgoing cohort to face the professional world.