Change Management: Research Roundup

change management research

by: Nicola Brown, MPC2014

Good communication is central to change management and knowledge mobilization. Find out more about what MPC students have discovered about trends, strategies and best practices in their research:

Author: Corinne Impey, MPC2013

“This research project explores current trends in organizational change management as characterized in online business publications. Specifically, with the intention of developing an understanding of current trends, I examine areas of consensus and debate within change management content by analyzing blogs and articles on the topic of organizational change. With a particular emphasis on the role of communication and communicators, the goal is to develop an understanding of how business journalists and bloggers explain the role of communication during times of organizational transition.

Developing a greater understanding of current trends in change management has the potential to assist employees who are responsible for implementing change by providing up-to-date insights and best practices for executing change programs. Furthermore, by focusing on the role of communication during and about change efforts, this project could also contribute to an understanding of how professional communicators should engage in organizational change efforts.”

Read more about Corinne’s research here.

Author: Monica Batac, MPC2015

“With the growing interest to understand knowledge mobilization (KMb) and knowledge brokering in practice, this Major Research Paper investigates the viewpoints of knowledge mobilization experts, researchers, intermediaries, and practitioners regarding priority KMb activities, and the competencies and skills required for such tasks.

This mixed methods study employed Q-Methodology, with data collected in two major phases. First, expert interviews were conducted with 20 KMb experts from Canada and the UK to develop the study’s concourse and subsequent q-statements. Second, 91 participants completed an online Q-survey, with a Q-sort task with 49 q-statements and an activity-rating task with 31 activities. Respondents also answered a range of open-ended questions pertaining to their KMb work, training, and perspectives. A crucial component of this research is the use of the Great Eight Competencies Framework, also known as the Universal Competencies Framework (UCF).

Analysis identified four distinct approaches to KMb and puts forward a preliminary hierarchy of KMb competencies, according to the survey responses. The proposed hierarchy advances current understandings of KMb in demonstrating commonalities in competencies across various professions and fields. KMb practitioners and researchers are encouraged to respond and refine this initial list of priority competencies according to their workplace and/or research contexts.”

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