Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Pollock

Jelena Djurkic, MPC2013

As a Social Media Campaign Manager for Yellow Pages, Jessica Pollock (MPC2015) wears many hats.

In the span of 24 hours, she might tweet for a restaurant in New Brunswick, run a Facebook contest for a dentist in British Columbia, and post photos on Instagram for a truck driving school in Alberta.

It’s safe to say that the position has kept the 23 year old occupied since she graduated from the MPC program in October 2015.

I recently caught up with Jessica to get an insider look on what life is like at Yellow Pages and what the different trends that are changing the social media landscape signify for brands.

Tell us about how you got to your position at Yellow Pages.

After I graduated from the MPC program, I was applying for many jobs, hoping to jumpstart my career as soon as possible. Fortunately, a friend of mine put me in touch with her friend who worked at the Yellow Pages to discuss potential opportunities. Soon after, she referred me for my current position and the rest is history!

As a Social Media Campaign Manager at the Yellow Pages, I manage 25 clients’ social media presences. My clients are small to medium-sized businesses around Canada, anything from a restaurant in Saint John, New Brunswick, to a dentist in Victoria, British Columbia. My department functions very much like an agency. It is very fast-paced and a new challenge always presents itself everyday!

What is one of your favourite projects you’ve worked on?

That would have to be a Facebook contest that I created and executed for one of my current clients, a pest control and wildlife removal company in the Greater Toronto Area.

We launched a photo contest where users were invited to submit original photos of animals or insects and like their favourites. We reached 25,000 unique users, gained 155 page likes, made 40,000 impressions, and experienced nearly 2,000 engagements. The results were unprecedented, allowing us to reach new heights in terms of brand awareness for the company.
This experience reminded me that “good” social media is rooted in creativity and innovation. In the sea of “sameness” that we see in social media, you have to experiment with new ideas to engage with new audiences.

What brand has mastered their social strategy?

I am really impressed with GoPro’s social media presence. They place a large emphasis on recycling and featuring user-generated content on their platforms, which immediately creates a perpetually engaged and interactive community. Users are eager to have their GoPro footage shared and are also (naturally) interested to view content captured from every corner of the globe.

Although GoPro obviously has easy access to user-generated content that is high quality and visually appealing, other brands could learn a thing or two from their strategy. Incorporating user-generated content on social media is something all brands should aim to do, to empower their followers.

What do you think is the next big thing in social?

We’ll continue to see a growing shift to mobile, which will completely change how we create content, target audiences, and learn about our communities. As well, I think we’ll continue seeing more emphasis on visual storytelling. We’ve already seen Instagram triumph over Twitter, largely because these days users interact and engage more with images than with text. This shift places more of an emphasis on graphics, which compels social media managers to pick up (or fine tune) more skills like graphic design.

What advice do you have for recent grads looking to work in social media?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in social media, it is vital that you always have your finger on the pulse. Staying on top of social media news will set you apart from the masses. If you can demonstrate to interviewers and network contacts that you’re in the know, you will gain respect and validity.

Fun Facts:

Selfie stick or no selfie stick?
Selfie stick always—specifically with a GoPro attached. I never go on a trip without mine!

Favourite three apps?
I rely on Waze on a daily basis. It is the best navigation app. I am also constantly on Snapchat—the geofilters always keep me entertained. Lastly, I use the Starbucks app. I became a gold card member in 2010 and have been hooked ever since!

Your “must-follow” account for all things social?
Social Media Today. The content is always high quality and provides a great combination of industry news, insights, and best practices. Hootsuite’s Social Blog is also fantastic. At the beginning of every month, they post a comprehensive recap on all the latest social media news from the month prior.

A brand you’d love to do a takeover for?
Lululemon! I’ve admired its global social media presence for years and its decentralized model where each store location has their own Facebook page. Any brand that is able to successfully manage over 350 Facebook pages in addition to its own global page is undoubtedly impressive.

Are you an Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories person?
I have yet to decide! I am sympathetic toward Snapchat, since Instagram poached their idea, but I am also loving the filter-tinged Instagram Stories.