Alumni Spotlight: Allie Cuperfain

“Be open to new ideas and be passionate about what you are doing.”

Final_ACuperfainAllie Cuperfain (MPC 2012) is a Business Consultant who is passionate about sharing the stories of others through language and mediums that resonate with specific audiences. Born and raised in Toronto, she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Jewish Studies from the University of Toronto before attending the MPC program.

Recently, Allie attended the ProCom Alumni Night along with twelve other Class of 2012 alumni. She notes that while finding time to keep in touch with her peers can be difficult, the event was a nice opportunity to reunite. She recalls the many Sundays that were spent with her classmates in the Media Lab, devoted to working on their PC8006: Advanced Editing and Document Design assignments. “Everyone wanted each other to succeed…we were all looking out for one another,” she says. She attributes the success of her class to the culture of supporting and learning from one another, which fostered a “community that allowed us to flourish in the program”.

When asked what she believes are keys to success, she suggests that one should “be open to new ideas and be passionate about what one is doing.” Indeed, being open to new ideas was what allowed Allie – someone who came into the MPC program with no prior exposure to communication theory – to succeed by learning from her peers.

“I’m extremely proud to be an alumna of the program,” Allie says enthusiastically. Since graduating, Allie has noticed that, “people have different understandings about what communication is and what MPC graduates bring to the table.” She states that as alumni, “we need to educate and inform employers about the program and the value of the MPC degree.”

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