A Word From the Incoming MPC2018 Class

As the incoming class of 2018 prepares to begin the MPC program this Fall, we asked them to share what they’re most excited about for the coming year.

“The MPC program will not only allow me to further explore my own personal interests within professional communications, but it will also expand my knowledge on the effects of strategic communication while allowing me to develop skills required to be successful within the workplace. I am interested in the topics of social media and the trajectories of its impacts on businesses. I am thrilled to start this program in September!” —Kelly Massad

“I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in the program this fall, and am especially excited for the internship! I’m largely interested in health communications, and hope to be able to study relayionships between healthcare professionals and patients in my placement.” —Katie Yamamoto

“Honestly, I’m quite excited for most of the program! Initially, I applied to the MPC program for the courses (specifically ‘Crisis Communication’ & ‘Strategic Media Relations’) and the required internship. But, as September draws nearer, I’m getting increasingly excited for the multidisciplinary nature of the program. There are so many different academic and professional backgrounds involved (between both staff and students), and there is such a wide variety of topics/courses covered under the Professional Communication umbrella.
“ —Travis Boyco

“I am most looking forward to the advanced editing and document design course and the internship component where I will be able to gain valuable hands-on experience. Most of all, I am thrilled to be embarking on a new and exciting experience, meeting and working with the professors and getting to know my future peers! Can’t wait for September!” —Linnea Franson

“I’m excited to be part of the class of 2017-2018 in Ryerson’s MPC program. What captured my attention and made Ryerson my top choice is the competitiveness of the program, the research portion that allows me to pursue a topic of my choice and finally, the highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. My planned research topic will investigate the rise of influencers on social media and how they have shifted the digital market from B2C towards C2C. Consumers are creating their own brands and marketing to a highly-targeted audience.” —Ahmed Minhas

Welcome to the incoming class of 2018!