3 Reasons Why You Should Visit the New RCC 370 ProCom Practicum Centre

1. The room features an abundance of power outlets to juice up without the need to isolate oneself to a particular corner.These outlets can be found on the ceilings, tables, floors and even at multiple heights on the walls. The technology planning team assumed that each of the room’s thirty users (max) would have 3-4 mobile devices with them (laptops, smartphones, tablets). Did we mention the recessed electrical outlets with USB ports that allow you to charge your phone without giving up a port on your laptop?

2. Large touch screen monitors ranging from 55” to 103” have been mounted on the walls. Users can beam content to screens from their laptops with either a wired or wireless AirPlay connection. Over four kilometers of cable have been run throughout the space and to accommodate users’ high speed data and audio/visual presentation technology needs.

3. Technology also helps run the room. Sound-isolated glass partitions allow the room to be opened up for larger events, and computer-controlled lighting zones are just some of the build management technologies that enable this space to be used in a flexible fashion. An exposed ceiling with acoustic spray foam treatment both reflects light and dampens echo. The room also features ample wireless coverage for student owned and ProCom-supplied mobile devices.

Room Development Blog: ryersonprocom.tumblr.com